Artist Evening of Sharing

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Each year, the City of Brisbane invites local artists to share their work with the Brisbane public at the Artists' Evening of Sharing event, held at Mission Blue Center.  At this annual event, Brisbane artists will showcase music, theater, dance, images of visual artwork, photography, and film.  Showcasing and honoring Brisbane’s art advocates allows the community to understand the rich diversity and depth of talent that surrounds it and stimulates an exchange of ideas about art.

This year's event will take place on Saturday, February 4th, 2017. Click here to view the event flyer.

Admission for the Artists' Evening of Sharing is free, with a reception and refreshments following the event.

If you haven't already planned to do so, make sure you come celebrate Brisbane’s creative spirit!

The Arts Advocate Award is presented during Intermission at this event, and honors a committed Brisbane citizen who takes leadership in organizing, promoting, supporting, and developing arts programming in our community.  This shows a commitment to the arts and to the citizens of Brisbane.  They are generous with their time, ideas, fundraising, and financial support for artists and are both advocates and visionaries for artists and the area of the arts.  In December 2010, it was decided at the Arts Subcommittee that City employees are eligible for the Arts Advocate Award 3 to 5 years after ending service with the City.  Program details are available from the Parks and Recreation Office, 50 Park Place, or call (415) 508-2140.

Past Recipients of the Arts Advocate Award:

2014 - Kevin Fryer

2013 - Parcel Tax for the Arts Volunteers

2012 - Moira Lukas

2011 - Lynne Grant

2010 - Robin Leiter

2009 - Maureen Boland

2008 - Jerri Sully

2007 - Camille Salmon