Brisbane Dance Workshop

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Brisbane Dance Workshop, otherwise known as BDW, is a community-based non-profit organization founded over 30 years ago by Brisbane resident Camille Olivier-Salmon in an effort to bring fun and instructive dance and theater classes to the Brisbane Community.  Today, classes are still going strong, and Camille continues to serve as BDW's Artistic Director.

One of the most anticipated Community events each year is BDW's Spring Performance.  Join us for this year's performance of "Wendy & Peter" on May 20th & 21st at Mission Blue.  Tickets are available online at 

BDW is co-sponsored by the City of Brisbane, with classes taking place in city facilities such as the Community Center and Mission Blue Center

For more information about BDW, please visit their website, or contact Camille by calling 415-467-6698 or by sending her an e-mail.