What's Your Preferred Way to Get News?

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Comment with your top choice(s) below!  Remember you must register by either 1. creating an account on the City's website, or 2. logging in via your Facebook credentials to leave comments. 

In case you didn't even know that the City had a presence on these various social media platforms, here are the links so that you can get connected!

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City General: www.facebook.com/brisbane94005
Police Dept.: www.facebook.com/brisbanepd
Parks & Rec: www.facebook.com/brisbanerec

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City General: www.twitter.com/brisbaneca
North County Fire: www.twitter.com/nocofire

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I prefer the whiteboard and the star. I would be ok with email, but I am deluged there. I pay no attention to twitter, instagram, facebook, or youtube, and am not sure what nextdoor is. I would be willing to register a cell for emergency alert texts.

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Thank you for your feedback, Elena! Nextdoor is a social network for neighbors. Think of it as a localized Craigslist. The City posts into Brisbane's two neighborhoods oftentimes weekly and there are currently ~450 neighbors signed up. As for emergency text alerts, the City highly recommends everyone to sign up, as phone lines can easily go down during a disaster, but SMS texts will still be transmitted. Sign up at http://hsd.smcsheriff.com/smcalert. You can receive alerts for multiple locations, e.g. where you live, where you work, and anywhere else in the County you would like.

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