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BES Restroom Facility

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If you were picking up your son, daughter, or grandchild from Club Rec yesterday, or live in the vicinity of San Bruno Ave. and Santa Clara St., you got quite the Public Works show yesterday afternoon.  For those who weren't at the scene of the BES Restroom Facility "drop", we've brought the show to you.  But first, hats off to all the people who made yesterday's installation a success: Mike Glynn, Brisbane general contractor, Nick Bianco of Park and Restroom Structures, Inc., crane operators from Peninsula Crane and Rigging, Jim Skeels, who oversaw the project administration as Brisbane's Parks and Recreation Director, and Greg Morris, Brisbane Public Works Inspector along with City Engineer Randy Breault, who provided the project's construction management.  The restroom facility was paid for through State Parks money, and will replace the porta-potty that the City has rented for a number of years for public, school, and athletic team use.  And now, without further adieu...it's time to start the facility drop photo show!

Greg and Mike checking the site over one last time.

The crane arrives, causing heads of passer-by's to turn.

Including those of kids attending Club Rec, who were excited to have a front-row seat from the BES blacktop.

The crane getting stabilized with side outriggers, well-prepared for the load it's about to bear.

With the crane in position, Greg gave Nick a call indicating it was time for him to make his way up to BES from the Public Works Corp Yard.

Compared to the vehicles behind it, the facility definitely made for an OVERSIZED load.

Greg helps with traffic control as the trailer turns on Santa Clara and prepares to back into the driveway for the BES Field.

The crane has a spreader which helps to evenly distribute the weight of the facility.  The four corners are then secured.

It takes the strength of some strong men to help stabilize the facility as it begins its ascent.

Up, up...

...and away!

Being lowered ever so carefully into place with some curious spectators looking on.

With the building low enough, Mike jumped up and into it to ensure it was properly lowered over the utility hook-ups.

With just a couple more feet to go, everyone is helping to ensure it continues downwards on a straight path.

One more walk-around, making sure the building is flush with the orange line that's been tied to help with placement.

Success!  The restroom facility has landed.

A peek inside the men's side.  Mike will be hooking up the plumbing and PG&E will be making the electrical hook-up's early next week.

Afterwards there were handshakes all around for a job well-done, as demonstrated by Jim and Nick.

As guessed, and in pure Brisbane fashion, the new BES Restroom will be properly dedicated to the community on Saturday, Sept. 25th at 10:00am by way of a "toilet paper" cutting ceremony.  Come and see if you're curious, and enjoy the refreshments that will follow!