Unofficial Election Results

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Below are the total votes for each of the Candidates for City Council:

  • Cyril Bologoff  - 320
  • Ray Miller - 463
  • Terry O'Connell - 382

The number of votes for Business License Tax J are:

  • Yes - 532
  • No - 159

The City of Brisbane, along with all other cities in San Mateo County, contracts with the County of San Mateo Elections Office.  The County counts and posts the election results.  The County has, by State Law, up to 28 days to certify the election results.  The official results will be adopted by the Brisbane City Council on Monday, December 5, 2011.

There are absentee and provisional ballots that were turned in at the polls that still need to be counted and included in the above totals.  During the next few weeks the County will be updating the absentee numbers on their website. You can check any updates periodically by going to


'Now time to relax and

'Now time to relax and enjoy'?

Well unfortunately, I don't think so as there are still many, many problems ahead -- hope the new council members are able to embrace ideas from some of the former/present council members, and work with the city staff to get the proverbial 'ball rolling' in a positive way for all of the residents in our little town. The Baylands, butterflies and building a mile away are certainly a major consideration, but am tired of those taking precedence over local/immediate community issues.

Perhaps I'm short-sighted and dumb.....?

With the apparent passage of

With the apparent passage of Measure J, I seriously hope we don't lose another one of Brisbane's businesses like we did VWR.

Congratulations to Terry and

Congratulations to Terry and Ray! A new fresh team will be great for everyone!

Terry, Congratulation and

Congratulation and wish you the very best, this will be interesting for you and the new blood is always a good thing.

Congratulations to Ray and

Congratulations to Ray and Terry. Thanks to Cy for his many years of service to Brisbane, devoting his time and energy. Now time to relax and enjoy.