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Baylands Final EIR

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To assist the public in reviewing the Baylands Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR), a Searchable Version of the Final EIR has been made available.  Thanks goes to Planning Commissioner Greg Anderson for his assistance in that effort.  

The Searchable FEIR takes a few moments to load, so please wait for your browser's progress indicator to finish downloading/connecting before clicking on any links.  Once it is finished loading, the document is very easy to search.  Hit 'Ctrl+F' to open the search box and then type in your search term.  Hit 'Enter' to be taken directly to the sections that contain that search term.

For quicker online browsing, use the "browsable" version below.  There are icons at the top to go to the table of contents, and skip forward or backwards on pages or chapters.

FEIR Online Browsable Version

To use the "browsable" FEIR offline, on your own computer, download and extract the FEIR zip file below.

FEIR Offline Browsable .zip

Below is a tutorial given by Planning Commissioner Greg Anderson on the various versions mentioned above of the Final EIR, prior to the October 8th Planning Commission Meeting/Baylands Public Hearing #2:

Electronic copies of the Final EIR are also available via CD or USB memory stick at the Brisbane Community Development Department, City Hall, 50 Park Place, Brisbane.  Paper copies of the Final EIR are available for review at the Brisbane Community Development Department and at the Brisbane Library (250 Visitacion Avenue, Brisbane, CA 94005).  Paper copies may also be purchased at City Hall for $40.  Contact the Community Development Department at (415) 508-2120 for any questions or more information.

Remember, the Baylands Public Hearings at the Planning Commission level kick off on Thursday, October 1st at 7:30pm.  Click here for the full hearing/meeting schedule.