Outline of Potential Development Projects & Sites

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This page provides an outline of the pending medium to large scale development projects and sites within the Brisbane planning area.  It includes residential projects of 4 units or more and development of new commercial space.  Residential projects of 3 units or less and commercial remodeling of interior spaces are not included in this list.  The larger projects listed below include links to additional information.  If you have questions, you may also contact the Planning Department at (415) 508-2120.

Commercial Projects

Baylands:  A Specific Plan was submitted by the property owners for the Baylands in 2006 and is in process.   The Baylands consists of approximately 660 acres between U.S. 101 and Bayshore Boulevard, from the Brisbane Lagoon to Beatty Avenue.  The UPC contact is Jonathan Scharfman, 415-468-6676.
Sierra Point Biotech Campus:  Planning approvals were granted in January 2008 for development of a 540,000 square foot research & development complex, plus 15,000 square feet of retail on this 22 acre site.  The site is located southeast of Sierra Point Parkway and east of Shoreline Court.   For additional information on this project, see the City's Sierra Point Biotech Campus Webpage. The development contact is Jon Bergschneider, HCP Brisbane LLC, 650-875-1004.

3000-3500 Marina Boulevard ("Opus Office"):  Planning approvals were granted in February 2009 and extended with modifications in January 2017 for development of 2 office buildings, totaling 448,000 square feet, at the northwestern corner of Sierra Point.  For additional information on this project, see the City's Opus Office Webpage.  The development contact is Tom Schaal, Schaal Realty Advisors, LLC, (916) 812-9483.

Residential Projects

3750-3780 Bayshore Boulevard:  Planning approvals were granted in 2005 for a 30 unit residential condominium complex on 2.9 acres.  Application for a building permit was submitted in 2010.  The development contact is Norcal Realty, 650-692-3488 and the architect is Best Design & Construction, 415-656-3528

3700 Bayshore Boulevard/End of Santa Clara Street:  A tentative Subdivision Map has been submitted for 36 condominium units on 1.3 acres in the Southwest Bayshore Commercial District (SCRO-1) and 21 single-family lots on 4.5 acres in the Brisbane Acres Residential District (R-BA).  This proposal includes density transfer from the upper Brisbane Acres.  A Planning Commission hearing date has not been set for this project.  The contact for this property is Panko Architects Inc at 650-558-0100 and the developer is Bayshore Condominium One, LLC at 650-239-9330.

661 San Bruno Avenue:  This 4-unit condominium project first received approval of the planning applications in 2004 and approvals were extended for another 2 years in 2010.  The project is proposed on an approximately 6,874 sq. ft. site.  The development contact is Steve Johnson, 650-740-2708.

Other Potential Sites

9000 Marina Boulevard:  Sierra Point has an approved Master Plan which includes development of a 700-room hotel at 9000 Marina Boulevard, at the eastern end of the subarea.  There are no project proposals in process at this time.  The contact for this property is Jonathan Scharfman, UPC, 415-468-6676

1 Quarry Road:  The Quarry is within Brisbane's sphere of influence, south of Crocker Park.  It has operated since 1895.  The subarea, including undisturbed areas, totals approximately 144 acres.  Its General Plan designation is Planned Development-Trade Commercial & Open Space (subject to annexation/pre-zoning).  The owner/contact for this property is Hamilton Creek LLC c/o California Mortgage & Realty, Inc., 415-974-1100.