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8/17 & 8/31 Baylands Meetings Postponed

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In the August STAR newsletter, which went to print in late July, a Baylands Deliberations Schedule was included, listing out August meeting dates of August 7 (Meeting #3), August 17 (Meeting #4), and August 31 (Meeting #5).  Just prior to the August 7th meeting, our Sacramento-based law firm informed us that legislative negotiators had reportedly reached a tentative agreement on a package of bills impacting local government land use decisions.  City staff is working with the Sacramento law firm and is ready to analyze the legislative package as to its potential relevance to the City and will report that back to the Council, who wishes to receive that analysis before continuing its discussions and deliberations on any particular land use plan for the Baylands.

Therefore, the August 17th and August 31st meetings have been postponed until more clarification and understanding of the State legislative package is made public and analyzed by staff.  Stay tuned for more information; sign up for weekly website updates from the City to be informed when the next Baylands deliberations meetings are scheduled or follow us on social media – Facebook (www.facebook.com/brisbane94005), Twitter (www.twitter.com/brisbaneca), and Instagram (www.instagram.com/cityofbrisbaneca).