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Flags at Half Staff Through Sunset, 2/9

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Flags are flying at half-staff in honor of former Representative John David Dingell, Jr., the longest serving member of congress in our Nation's history, 60 years.  Flags are being lowered at all United States embassies, legations, consular offices, and other facilities abroad, including all military facilities, naval vessels, and stations until sunset, Saturday, February 9, 2019.

Piloting New Water Metering System

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The City of Brisbane has begun initial steps to upgrading our outdated water metering system with a system that will automatically relay customer’s water usage to the City’s water billing system through a secured network. antennaThis new Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) offers many benefits to both the City and the consumer.

The new AMI metering system will eventually allow customers to track and manage their daily water use and be notified of leaks or unusual high uses. The City will benefit from this real time data by providing staff much needed information to better manage our City’s valuable water resources along with significantly reducing staff time by automatically acquiring the customer meter data.  

The first phase of this project will be a series of small pilot tests with prospective vendors.  This initial pilot program will allow the City to test the capabilities of each AMI system and thereby assist staff with choosing a system that best fits our unique topography, customer base and staff resources.

A temporary antenna, similar to the one pictured here, will be placed at the City’s Glen Park Utility site during the duration of the pilot program.

Please contact the Public Works Department at (415) 508-2137 if you have any questions.  

Emergency Repair of Storm Drain Line

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After Public Works maintenance crews discovered a small sinkhole at the base of Firth Canyon between the drainage inlet structure and the large, treasured Laurel tree, investigation was done, and it was determined that the corrugated metal cross drain to the Firth Park parking lot was corroded and failing.  The pipe was able to be quickly replaced by contractor Kingdom Pipelines, securing BOTH the tree and the roadway.  Work was completed today.  Perfect timing, before the wet weather greets us!



Open Seats on OSEC & Complete Streets Safety Committee

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There is currently one open seat on both the Open Space and Ecology Committee (pictured above) and the Complete Streets Safety Committee.  The Complete Streets Safety Committee meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month @ 7:00 pm and the Open Space and Ecology Committee (OSEC) meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month @ 6:30pm.

Applications are now being accepted to fill these seats for terms ending in January 2022.  The deadline to submit completed applications (in-person or by email) to Ingrid Padilla, City Clerk, is Friday, February 15th @ 1:00pm.

Click here to apply to serve on the Open Space and Ecology Committee.

Click here to apply to serve on the Complete Streets Safety Committee.

PG&E Filed for Chapter 11

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pgeToday, January 29, PG&E moved forward with their previously announced plan to file for Chapter 11.  Read their press release here.

To be clear, PG&E is not going out of business.  They expect that this court-supervised process will, among other things:

  • Enable the continued safe and reliable delivery of natural gas and electric service to their customers
  • Allow them to address its liabilities resulting from the 2017 and 2018 Northern California wildfires with minimal disruption to their operations
  • Allow them to work with all of their stakeholders in one court-supervised forum to address their complex concerns and make appropriate changes

If you have questions regarding this process, please visit their dedicated webpage at www.pge.com/reorganization