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Due to Covid-19 health orders, Building Division operations are currently limited to the electronic processing of emergency permits to address immediate life safety and health issues.  If you have an emergency situation which requires a permit to correct, please contact the Building Division during regular business hours at (415) 508-2120 for information on how to apply for a building permit electronically.  We are not currently open for walk in applications.

For routine permits, the Building Department will continue to process only already active building permit applications electronically as staffing levels and availability allow.  We are not accepting new applications for non-emergency issues at this time.    


See the City's Building Permits web page for further information regarding building permits.   


Hours (Currently for phone calls and email service only.  City Hall is closed to walk in service.) 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8am-5pm 
Wednesday 8am-5pm 
Friday 8am-1pm 

Staff and Contact Info 

Other Related Reference Webpages 

  • Grading:  If your project involves site grading of more than 5 cubic yards, check with the Dept. of Public Works for grading permit requirements.   For larger projects, 50 cubic yards of export or 250 cubic yards of cut and fill, Planning Commission review is required prior to Public Works approval of a grading permit.  See the Planning Applications webpage. 
  • Tree Removal and Landscaping:  See the Tree Removal and Landscaping webpage for applicable requirements.  These can be stand-alone projects or part of a site development application package. 
  • Solar Energy:  Solar energy generation systems are required for all new construction in Brisbane.  Additionally, if you are interested in installing rooftop solar on your existing home or duplex, your application may be eligible for streamlined processing and inspection.  Visit the Residential Rooftop Solar page to view the eligibility criteria and download the required checklists and forms. If your application isn’t eligible for streamlining, check out the Solar Energy Systems page for guidelines for non-streamlined applications. 
  • Stormwater:  The California Water Board has requirements that the cities are required to enforce through the municipal regional permit.  These apply to new and existing projects that meet certain thresholds.  See the Stormwater webpage for information. 

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