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Building Permits

architects plansApplying for a Building Permit  

The City of Brisbane accepts electronic building permit applications through our on-line building permits application system or in person at 50 Park Place, Brisbane.   The following links will direct you to further information:  

Apply Online or Track an Existing Permit 

  • Online commercial submittals shall include digital copies of construction documents including 1 hard copy set of construction documents submitted to the Building Department 

Apply in Person (pdf) 

  • Please refer to residential and commercial submittal check lists below for requirements 

Construction and Demolition Recycle Form (pdf) 

Business License Webpage (required for all contractors) 


To schedule an Inspection on an issued permit, please call the Building Department at (415) 508-2120.  Inspections are offered Monday - Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings.  Inspections may be scheduled as late as 24 hours in advance for weekdays, except for holidays and subject to inspector availability.  It’s advised that inspections be scheduled earlier to ensure availability.


Building permit plan check fees are collected at the time of building permit submittal and are based on a percentage of the building permit fee.  The building permit fee and other applicable fees are collected at the time of permit issuance.  The City collects the fees directly, except for school fees which are payable to the school district and a district receipt is required prior to permit issuance.  The following outline of the fees required to obtain a building permit is provided in accordance with California Assembly Bill (AB) 1483: 

Plan check: 

  • $64 minimum or 
  • 50 percent of Building Permit fee for Residential
  • 60 percent of Building Permit fee for Non-residential 
  • 85 percent of Building Permit fee for Fast Track (Residential and Non-residential) 

Building Permit fee:  The Building Permit Fee Schedule is based on either square footage for new floor area or based on project valuation for residential remodels and commercial tenant improvements. 

City of Brisbane Art in Public Places Fee:  The City’s arts fee is 1% of the project valuation for non-residential tenant improvements and new development of $1M and more and residential development of 10 units and more.  See BMC Section 15.85.

Parks Fee:  See BMC Chapter 16.24

SMI Fee:  See Dept. of Conservation Fee Schedule

School District Fee:  For new construction, please review the School District Fee Schedule and Developer Fee Justification Study

Building Permit Fee Estimator – Worksheets for preliminary estimates.

New Housing Inclusionary Requirements (AB 1483 disclosure)

For developments of 6 units or more, a certain number of units are to be established as affordable to households with income levels that are below market rates.  These requirements are provided in BMC Section 17.31.030.  

Building Permit Checklists


State and Local Building Codes   

State Code:  2019 California Building Code (CBC) (effective 1/1/2020).  The full list of adopted state codes is provided with Ordinance No. 643

Local Code:  Brisbane Municipal Code, Title 15 – Buildings & Construction.  Title 15 frequently referenced local reach codes include: 

Additional Resources: