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Building Permits

architects plansApplying for a Building Permit

Applying for a building permit is easy! Applicants may apply in person at the Community Development counter at 50 Park Place, Brisbane, or online through our electronic building permit system. This system allows the applicant to initiate and manage a variety of building permit requests and activities. The public may also view active and closed permits through the centralized web portal.

Counter Hours:

To apply for a permit at City Hall, located at 50 Park Place, the counter hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8am-5pm
Wednesday 8am-8pm
Friday 8am-1pm
If you have any questions, or would like to book a building permit inspection, please contact Amy Listmann or Alberto Viana at (415) 508-2120.  For fire permit inspections, please call (650) 522-2610.

Building Permit Fees & Checklists


Commercial Permit Fee Estimators:

Residential Permit Fee Estimators:


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