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City Council adopts Parkside Plan

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The City Council adopted the Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan and implementing General Plan amendments at a special meeting on Monday, October 30th. We're working on updating the text of the Parkside Plan to reflect the Council's changes, and the final Parkside Plan will be posted on the Parkside Documents page as soon as it's available! Thank you to all community members who participated in the two year planning process, offering innovative ideas to shape the future of the Parkside area.


The Draft Parkside Plan (which does not include the Council's adopted text modifications) is still available to view online on the Parkside Documents page. You can also view a hard copy at the Brisbane Library (not available for checkout) or at City Hall. If you have any questions about the Parkside Plan, please contact the Community Development Department at (415) 508-2120 or planning@ci.brisbane.ca.us.