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Councilmember Conway's Goals for the Baylands (7/18/2017)

Below please find Councilmember Clarke Conway's Goals for the Baylands, which were stated verbally at Council's June 19, 2017 meeting.  They were included as bullet points under the "Existing Land Uses" and "Public Services, Facilities, Utilities, and Water Supply" sections of the staff report for Council's July 13, 2017 special meeting to discuss the Brisbane Baylands.  They are excerpted below as follows:


Councilmember Clarke Conway’s Goals for the Brisbane Baylands

Existing Land Uses

  • Protect the ability for Recology to modernize and expand their current operations within the Baylands.
  • Provide for the relocation of Golden State Lumber, which is a major sales tax generator for the City.
  • Preserve Ice House Hill, Roundhouse, and Lagoon.

Public Services, Facilities, Utilities, and Water Supply

  • Incorporate a recycled water plant into future Baylands development.

Other Considerations

  • Move Lagoon Rd. north.
  • Where Lagoon Rd. is now, fence it off and turn it over to environmental/biological departments from universities to study landfill effects on the Lagoon and take baseline studies, conduct bioremediation studies, etc. and then turn it over to open space after a number of years.
  • Restore the wetland river park area.

(Last updated: July 19, 2017)