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Statement from Mayor Conway (12/6/18)

Mayor Conway Statement on Voter Enactment of Measure JJ

Measure JJ presented a difficult decision for our community.  Different residents came to different conclusions based on genuine differences of opinion about what the future should hold for the Baylands.  Yet, we remained united in respecting each other’s conclusions, recognizing that each of us cares deeply, and that we share a common bond in doing what we believe is best for our city.


In passing Measure JJ, our community sent a message to the many audiences who wanted to decide our future for us – we are intensely committed to maintaining local control over land use decisions, particularly with respect to the Baylands.


Our community also made it clear that Brisbane is not part of the “just say no” crowd when it comes to residential development.  We are open to genuinely responsible development that is approved and overseen by the City, holds developers to the strictest environmental standards, and protects the City – both its current and future residents – from financial harm.


Measure JJ was a first step on a long path.  There will be no development unless and until the landowner files a Specific Plan for the site that meets every requirement of Measure JJ, is reviewed and debated in public meetings, and wins approval from the City Council.  A development agreement will also be negotiated and approved by the City before any work can begin.


I know our community will come together, stay engaged, and make sure that the planning process for any Baylands development will move forward only in the interest of achieving what is best for our current and future residents.  I look forward to embarking on this process with you.


Best regards,

​​W. Clarke Conway, Mayor
December 6, 2018

Official Election Results were certified on December 6, 2018 and are as follow for Measure JJ:

Yes    1,158 (55.20%)

No     940 (44.80%)

Please note: due to the County Elections office not sending the Certificate of the Chief Elections Officer for the Statewide General Election held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 until 8:18pm on December 6th, the actual City Council resolution adopting the election results for Measure JJ will take place at the City Council's meeting of January 17, 2019.

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