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Council Workplan - Safety

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  • Short-Term Rentals

Following study by the Planning Commission in 2015, the City Council requested additional information from staff on the practical and legal ramifications of permitting short-term residential rentals of less than 30 days.  Council liaisons to the Planning Commission met with staff in the spring of 2016 to refine a work program and priorities for a short-term rental permitting program.  Staff anticipates that a preliminary program proposal will be brought back to the full City Council in the fall of 2018.

  • Safe Pedestrian Routes Green Infrastructure Project

The Complete Streets Safety Committee developed a Safe Pedestrian Routes to Schools Plan, which was adopted by Council in December 2014.  The plan will improve pedestrian routes to BES and Lipman by clearing sidewalk obstructions, installing ramps and high visibility crosswalks, and installing 15 mile per hour speed limits in school zones.  The plan includes education and enforcement by the Brisbane Police Dept. of components such as parking practices that block pedestrian routes. 

In late 2017, the City applied for and was awarded $245,253 in grant funds (and will provide a 15% match) under the Safe Routes to Schools and Green Infrastructure Pilot Program, which is managed by the San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program (a program of C/CAG, in partnership with the San Mateo County Office of Education).  Green infrastructure improvements will be coming to the intersections of Visitacion and Alvarado, San Bruno and Santa Clara, and Visitacion and Mariposa.  C/CAG Board Members will approve the agreement to award funds, which will then be brought by staff to the City Council sometime in March 2018.  The design and construction phases are estimated to start in Spring/Summer 2019. 

  • Airport Noise

In November 2017, the FAA gave an update on Phase 2 for the initiative to address noise concerns of Santa Cruz/Santa Clara/San Mateo/ San Francisco Counties.  Click here to view that document.  Most of the working groups in these counties do not feel that it addressed all of the concern nor had a definitive plan for aircraft noise mitigation.

At the 6/12/17 Airport Noise Subcommittee, Bert Ganoung of the SFO Aircraft Noise Abatement Office said he would secure two monitors in the next few months for Brisbane, recommending they be placed at Mission Blue and Lipman, away from HVAC.  They are being placed instead at Mission Blue Center and Silverspot Cooperative Preschool every quarter (3rd and 4th week of January, April, July and October).  When concluded, Ganoung will only provide the raw data, not a complex report; we have yet to receive the raw data for review.  Ganoung also said he had sent TRACON a request to increase the elevation of the airplanes.

The Airport Noise Subcommittee meets on a regular basis.  To receive Subcommittee meeting information, please contact Angel Ibarra.  To be added to the Brisbane Community Airport Noise Group, please contact Peter Grace at vessacks@gmail.com.  A webpage for this Council Workplan item was created and can be accessed here: http://brisbaneca.org/airport-noise.


(Last updated: March 2, 2018)