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Public Space Master Plan

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The City initiated the Public Space master planning process for the Baylands in recognition of the importance of public space as a community value and asset and defining element of any land use plan that might ultimately be approved for the Baylands.   This Public Space Master Plan formed the basis of the Community Proposed Plan (CPP) evaluated in the June 2013 Baylands Draft EIR.


Reports & Maps

  • [inline:Public Space Master Plan.pdf=Public Space Plan]
  • [inline:Observations and Recommendations4-13-09.pdf=The Dangermond Group, Observations and Recommendations (4/13/09)]
  • [inline:DraftMap4-13-09.pdf=Draft Map (4/13/09)]


  • [inline:Council Presentation 04 13 09.pdf=The Dangermond Group at City Council (4/13/09)]
  • [inline:BrisbanePowerpoint021109.ppt=The Dangermond Group at OSEC (2/11/09)]
  • The Dangermond Group at Planning Commission (2/5/09)
  • [inline:Feb 4th Staff Report.pdf=The Dangermond Group at PB&R (2/4/09)]
  • [inline:BrisbanePowerpoint090126all.ppt=The Dangermond Group at City Council (1/26/09)]
  • [inline:2009 City of Brisbane lecture.ppt=Michael Boland, Presidio Trust (1/26/09)]
  • [inline:Treasure Island Example.pdf=Michael Tymoff, Treasure Island Development Authority (1/26/09)]