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Energy Efficiency


City Actions



Programs for Residents


  • HomeIntel is a FREE energy management and savings program that helps homeowners and renters find energy waste, make simple low- or no-cost changes, and save! 
  • Bay Area SunShares is an annual program that offers Bay Area residents and workers discounts on home solar systems and Electric Vehicles. Register before November 15th. 
  • Peninsula Clean Energy provides San Mateo County customers cleaner electricity at lower rates than PG&E and offers a choice of using 100% Clean Energy.
  • Check it Out! Home Energy and Water Savings Toolkit San Mateo County Office of Sustainability in conjunction with City and County Association of Governments and the Peninsula Library System have made two toolkits available to the public at the Brisbane Public Library.
  • Solar permit streamlining is available for small residential rooftop solar.
  • Residential PACE programs allow homeowners to finance energy efficiency improvements on their homes by voluntarily choosing to repay their improvement costs over a set period of time through property assessments. 
  • Energy Upgrade California is a statewide initiative dedicated to helping California reach its energy goals and offers a variety of energy saving programs.


Programs for Businesses


  • Brisbane's Building Efficiency Program is a new effort underway to address energy and water use in existing commercial buildings to help make them more efficient, saving money for owners and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • San Mateo County Energy Watch offers tools to help property owners improve the energy efficiency of their building, protects the environment, saves money, and puts construction workers back to work
  • Solar permit applications are available for all zoning districts in the City of Brisbane as long as they comply with the development standards of the district.
  • Commercial PACE programs allow property owners to finance energy efficiency improvements by voluntarily choosing to repay their improvement costs over a set period of time through property assessments.