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Brisbane Farmers' Market

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03/26/2015 - 3:00pm to 7:00pm

Come to the Community Park in Brisbane (11 Old County Rd., Brisbane) every Thursday from 3-7pm to pick up fresh veggies, fruits, sweet and savory baked items, hummus, honey, kettlecorn, and lots more!  This year-round market that began in 2012 is managed by West Coast Farmers Market Association and is sponsored by the City of Brisbane.  For more information about the market, please contact Tony, Market Manager, at (801) 699-8417 or Caroline at City Hall at (415) 508-2157.

The deeper we head into Spring, the more offerings you’re going to start seeing pop up at the farmers’ market…and it’s only going to get better!  If you haven’t been to the market in a while, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the vendors you’ll see in town on a weekly basis, ready to serve you!

Mountain Fresh Organics – Carlos comes to the market from Gilroy, where the farm harvests vegetables including rainbow kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, onions, carrots, celery, beets, radishes, potatoes, cilantro, lettuce, asparagus, and of course, garlic!  He also carries strawberries and will have blackberries and raspberries soon!

Rojas Family Farms – Cesar drives all the way from Fresno in Tulare County to bring the community fresh citrus fruits, including blood oranges, Manadarins, pomelo, and soon, blueberries.

Dalex – the husband and wife team of Dimitri & Valentina make all of their Russian offerings in San Carlos.  Valentina is the Master Chef and makes her own piroshkies, both savory and fruit-filled (no sugar added), mushroom patties, fruit blintzes, shepherd’s pie, sausages, sauerkraut, pickles, and spreads.  All of their food is ready-to-eat, or can be easily heated up for a quick dinner.  Come by for a taste!

Hummus Heaven – Hanif is the super friendly and laid-back seller for this company based in San Leandro.  Their hummus varieties are aplenty, including spinach feta, eggplant, roasted red pepper, garlic, and more!  Pick up some fresh pita bread (whole wheat, half white half wheat, or white), not to mention seasoned pita chips, to go with it!

Pete’s Brisbane Honey – Pete Davis can often be found in the Community Garden, harvesting his honey that he quickly jars for sale at the market.  He also has honey sticks and at times, bee pollen!  If you’re looking for local honey or bee pollen to treat allergies, you can’t get any more local than Pete’s Brisbane Honey. 

Shampa’s Pies – Harume starting coming to the market during the holidays, which was perfect because he had pecan pie, along with lemon chess, strawberry lemon, and chocolate mousse.  He’s using his grandmother’s (Shampa’s) recipes to bring the community delectable pies.  Stop by and sample some!

Emulate Natural Care – Dave loves coming to Brisbane to educate people that are interested about the healing effects of emu oil.  He has products ranging from lotions to toner to deodorant (!), where most contain healing emu or moringa oil.  Talk to him about how emu oil can be used to help treat chronic conditions such as arthritis and eczema.

KettlePop – it’s not really a farmers’ market without the smell of kettlecorn wafting through the air!  Chris will oftentimes pop up a fresh batch if you stop by for a bag.  He also has cheddar and caramel varieties and varying sizes of kettlecorn bags to choose from.

Pacific Spine & Joint Medical Group – Virgil & Darryl are providing on-site 10-minute back massages for free through the Spring.  Take a breather and treat yourself to a free massage!

Brisbane Skatepark Tees – Michael Barnes has been screen-printing t-shirts in his garage and selling them as a fundraiser for the Brisbane Skatepark.  He also has hoodies, and long-sleeve designs, too!