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What's Your Preferred Way to Get News?

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Comment with your top choice(s) below!  Remember you must register by either 1. creating an account on the City's website, or 2. logging in via your Facebook credentials to leave comments. 

In case you didn't even know that the City had a presence on these various social media platforms, here are the links so that you can get connected!

Facebook - 'Like' us!
City General: www.facebook.com/brisbane94005
Police Dept.: www.facebook.com/brisbanepd
Parks & Rec: www.facebook.com/brisbanerec

Twitter - 'Follow' us!
City General: www.twitter.com/brisbaneca
North County Fire: www.twitter.com/nocofire

Instagram - 'Follow' us!
City General: www.instagram.com/cityofbrisbaneca

Nextdoor - Sign up in your neighborhood!

Youtube - 'Subscribe' to our channel!

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