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Bayshore Bikeway Construction

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You may have noticed the changeable message signs along Bayshore telling of the upcoming construction work that will be taking place between July 11th - August 26th.  The work that will be commencing on Monday involves the installation of a bike lane on Bayshore Blvd, from Valley Drive to the City's northern limits (Bayshore & Geneva).

The first phase of the Bayshore Bikeway Project was completed towards the end of 2008.  Phase I involved the installation of a bike lane from the City's southern limits on Bayshore Blvd. to Valley Dr.  The project was propelled by the City Council’s desire to reduce greenhouse gases and increase the safety for our citizens who walk or ride their bikes on Bayshore Blvd. A total of $550,000 (87% of the project) was granted through the California Transportation Development Act to widen and smooth over the bike lane on Bayshore Blvd., as well as install grooved pavement rumble strips and a 6” wide bikeway shoulder stripe for further safety. See the photo below for details:

Council approved the concept for both phases of this project at its December 5, 2005 meeting, and at its April 5, 2010 meeting adopted Resolution No. 2010-17 as required by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission agreeing to certain conditions and deadlines in order to receive grant funding for Phase II of the project.  Utilizing federal Transportation Enhancement funds together with state matching funds, Phase II of the Bayshore Bikeway project will extend the existing Class II bike lanes on Bayshore Blvd from Valley Drive to the northern city limits. The modifications include signs, repaving, restriping, concrete medians, and delineators.  To read more about the project, please click here.