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Calling All First Time Homebuyers!

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The Brisbane Housing Authority is excited to announce its first resale opportunity under the Brisbane First Time Homebuyer Program! A one-bedroom, one bathroom condominium unit is now available at 1 San Bruno Avenue in the heart of Central Brisbane. The unit is listed at $500,269 and eligible households may receive up to $200,000 in a silent second mortgage loan under the First Time Homebuyer Program to help defray the costs of the first mortgage.
Eligible applicants meet the following criteria:
  • Live or work in Brisbane, have an immediate family member who lives in Brisbane, or work for a school district serving Brisbane;
  • Are a low or moderate income household, as defined by the 2018 California household income limits;
  • Have no more than two people in your household, including you.
If you are interested in purchasing the unit and think you meet the eligibility criteria, fill out and submit this eligibility application to the Planning Department at City Hall (see form for details). Update: The application window closed on Thursday, January 31. Applicants will be contacted by staff the week of February 4 with next steps. If you want to learn more about the Brisbane First Time Homebuyer program, visit the program webpage or call the Planning Department at (415) 508-2120.