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Caltrain Construction Notice for Brisbane

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Construction is advancing along the Caltrain corridor! To accommodate the brand new electric trains, construction crews will begin work in the four San Francisco tunnels starting in October.  Crews will create additional clearance in the tunnel sides to accommodate the new trains and will install anchor bolts in the tunnel ceilings to facilitate the installation of the overhead contact system that will power the new electric trains.  For more information visit CalMod.org/SFtunnels.

In order to facilitate work in the tunnels, trains will not operate on weekends between San Francisco and Bayshore Stations from October 6, 2018 to late Spring 2019.  Caltrain service will stop at Bayshore Station and a bus bridge will transport passengers to the 22nd and 4th & King Stations.  Weekday service will not be impacted.  For more service information, please visit www.Caltrain.com/SFweekendClosure.


Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project

Caltrain Electrification is a key component of the Caltrain Modernization program which will electrify the Caltrain Corridor from San Francisco's 4th and King Caltrain Station to approximately the Tamien Caltrain Station.


The primary purpose of Caltrain Electrification is to improve Caltrain system performance, reduce long-term environmental impact by reducing noise, improving regional air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  An electrified Caltrain system would better address Peninsula commuters' vision of increased service and improved travel times in an environmentally friendly and reliable way.  This also is expected to help accommodate increase system ridership through improved system operations. 


For information on upcoming community construction update meetings, please visit the Caltrain Electrification Project events page at http://calmod.org/events/


Work in Brisbane

On December 8 through December 14, Caltrain will be working during the night to locate underground utilities. Night work hours will be 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and the field team will work as quietly as possible.

During work hours at the Brisbane station all passengers will board and de-board from the same platforms. Please look for the signs to indicate which platform to use. If you have any questions, feel free to call Caltrain Customer Service at 1.800.660.4287.