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Open Space and Ecology Committee

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Open Space and Ecology Committee
01/19/2016 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm


Tuesday, January 19, 2016 6:30 PM
Community Meeting Room
Brisbane City Hall
50 Park Place, Brisbane, CA 94005

1.    Adoption of the agenda

2.    Oral Communications*

3.    Approval of the minutes

4.    Chair and committee member matters

5.    Subcommittee reports
a.    Habitat restoration day planning with PB&R commission
b.    Lipman Science Fair
c.    Education and outreach
i.    Climate facts
ii.    Invasive species articles
d.    Open Space Plan revision request
e.    Climate Action Plan subcommittee

6.    Review subcommittee list

7.    Community garden space 

8.    Staff updates:
a.    Code enforcement for trash issues
b.    SMCEW Hard to reach business program
c.    Future meeting dates
d.    Updates on the following letters: Brisbane Acres lot coverage letter, Residential lot coverage requirements/landscaping letter and Fracking ban letter.
e.    City-owned Brisbane Acres Open Space preservation concern (Placeholder- City attorney will report to City Council)
f.    PCE information

9.    Adjournment
*Public comment on the agenda items is welcome at the discretion of the Chair

OSEC meeting packet