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Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan

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The proposed Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan area includes approximately 25 acres of publicly and privately owned properties near the entrance to Brisbane as shown on the map below (click map to enlarge).  As outlined on the project history page, the future of the Parkside area has been an active topic of community discussion and study over the past 10 years. Building on these efforts, the City Council authorized the preparation of the precise plan in July, 2015 to proactively and cohesively determine its long term vision for this area.   

Community engagement is critical to ensuring that the plan reflects Brisbane’s vision for itself, and we are asking for your thoughts and ideas.  How can future plans for this area promote community health by creating a more walkable and livable neighborhood? What opportunities exist to enhance economic vitality and increase the range of locally available goods and services, promote private investment, improve transit access, increase pedestrian and bike connectivity, and create more usable public space?  Can the entrance to Brisbane be made more inviting and attractive?   As outlined below there are numerous ways for you to get engaged and stay involved, and we hope you will!

Latest News

The next community conversation will take place at a highly interactive public workshop on Monday, February 1, 2016 from 7-9pm in the Community Meeting Room at Brisbane City Hall. MIG will summarize existing work to date, and community members will be asked to provide individual input on each of the elements of the plan through an interactive exercise. Topics will include community health, housing location and physical form, car, bike and pedestrian access, creating vibrancy in the Parkside Area, planning around economic constraints and many more!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Parkside pop-up workshop on October 24th.  Click here to view the event's summary reportIt was a morning of fun, fellowship, and really important community input into the planning effort.  Did you miss the pop-up workshop? Please visit the City’s online Brisbane Town Hall which can be accessed here or through the City’s home page to view the same materials that were presented at the pop-up workshop and provide your input and thoughts on the same issues.  More topics and issues will added to Brisbane Town Hall in the future, so stay tuned!

MIG also interviewed local community stakeholders representing elected officials, community groups, businesses, realtors, property owner interests, and City advisory boards.  Click here for the Stakeholder Interview Summary.

Get Healthy San Mateo County is actively partnering with the City of Brisbane in preparation of the precise plan.  Interested in what factors make for a healthy community? How the built environment affects health? Interested in Brisbane’s vital health statistics? Click here for more information!

Stay Involved and Informed

This webpage will be updated as other events are scheduled.  To be notified of any upcoming events/meetings, please submit your email here.   

What is the purpose of the planning program? What is a ‘precise plan'?

The planning program will serve multiple purposes.  The City has a legal obligation to establish zoning to accommodate the housing and mixed use sites as discussed above.  The City has a couple of options to implement the required zoning.  One would be for the City to rezone sites and establish basic development standards governing density, building height, setbacks, parking and the like.  It is then up to a private developer to design a project that complies with these regulations, and the City’s input on a final project would be limited.  Alternately the City has the option of not only establishing the basic development standards but also to proactively define the character of the project. This would ensure that the final product not only meets a series of regulations but that the look and feel of future development really fit into the community.  The precise plan is both the vehicle to establish the community’s vision and the tool to ensure that this vision is implemented through individual projects over time.   Property owners and future developers also benefit, in that through the precise plan, they understand the community’s vision and know what will be expected of them in future development. More FAQ's to come shortly!

Materials Available for Review

All available documents are posted on the Documents page.