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Sustainable Transportation


The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Brisbane is the transportation sector. To support Brisbane’s climate action goals, the City encourages sustainable transportation alternatives and leaving single-occupancy-vehicles at home. Commuter rewards and incentives are available for San Mateo County residents and commuters who chose to use alternate modes of transportation other than driving alone. The Complete Streets Safety Committee is directly involved with issues affecting pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and users and public transportation.


Walking and Biking


The Bicycle and Pedestrian Routes Map identifies walkways, bike lanes and hiking trails throughout town.


Public Transportation


Brisbane has a variety of public transportation options available for visitors, residents and employees. Please go to the Public Transportation page for more information.


Electric Vehicles


Brisbane has installed several electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout the city, including a fast charging station at Brisbane Village Shopping Center. Below are the EV charging locations located within the City:


108 Old County Road ($0.20/kWh + $5/hr after 45 minutes)

1000 Marina Boulevard ($2/hr)

400 Sierra Point Parkway ($0.51/kWh)


PlugShare.com is a great resource for locating electric vehicle charging stations, including their current availability, pricing, nearby amenities and user comments.