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VIDEOS: 'Sort Your Rubbish!' Series

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One of the projects our Summer Multimedia Intern Johnson Xiao hoped to accomplish for the Open Space and Ecology Committee was an educational video focused on how to properly sort trash one's trash by utilizing one of the four waste streams: Compost, Recyclables, Trash, and Paper.  The end result was four separate videos, each focused on one waste stream.  We'll post one a day this week, ending with a mashup of the four on Friday!  Enjoy, and we hope you learn something new!  And remember, If in doubt, find out!

MONDAY: Sort Your Rubbish! [Compost]

TUESDAY - Sort Your Rubbish! [Recyclables]

WEDNESDAY - Sort Your Rubbish! [Trash]

THURSDAY - Sort Your Rubbish! [Paper]

FRIDAY - Sort Your Rubbish! [Mashup]

These videos were so much fun to make.  Special thanks to Sustainability Management Analyst Adrienne Etherton for managing the project, our Summer Interns Julia Deschaumes, Emilio Flamenco, Brenda Walker, along with Assistant Engineer II Justin Yuen for starring in the videos, and of course Johnson Xiao for producing them for the community to enjoy!  We hope you learned something new about the 4 waste streams and how you can modify your habits to be sure you #sortsmart!