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"We Are Still In" - 1 Year Later

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Today marks one year since President Trump announced his intent to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement.  Within 72 hours of that announcement, a new wave of American climate leadership was galvanized by mayors, governors, and CEOs, Brisbane included (see post from last June). The "We Are Still In" coalition has now grown to over 2,700 cities, states, businesses, universities, and other entities, of which the City of Brisbane is a signatory.

The rapid growth of renewable energy generation at competitive costs worldwide shows that the transition to a low carbon economy is irreversible.  And while there are many positive trends in climate action, it is also clear that more needs to be done to reach the goals established in the Paris Agreement.  That is why Brisbane is still making advancements to curb global warming and adhere to the measures in its adopted Climate Action Plan.

Case in point: the City recently partnered with Home Energy Analytics to offer Brisbane residential customers a free new program to help them save energy and money.  That program is called HomeIntel, which is offered on behalf of PG&E and consists of Smart Audit, HEA's online energy analysis and management software tool.  HomeIntel provides at no charge a whole-home analysis of your energy use based on your household's smart meter data.  Whether you own or rent your house or apartment, you can get a set of customized recommendations that usually includes many simple, low- or no-cost fixes.  To learn more and to start saving, go to www.brisbane.hea.com or click on the image below.  For any questions, please contact HomeIntel representative, James Tuleya at jamest@hea.com .